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Paperback Book ISBN 1857565541

229 Pages

We lay amongst the bones of a long fallen church,

Pillars for ribs smashed, as if only from the strength of a god.

We were five, together and alone

Joined by the need for more than love.

To my north lay blood red,

Sensuous, rich and fiery

I need her passion.

To my east lay emerald green,

Earthly, moral and stable

I need her neutrality.

To my south lay midnight blue,

Ambient, soft and moody

I need her life.

To my west lay raven black,

Dark, mysterious and deadly

She is my death.

Who am I?



How would you cope if you met the most perfect partner and they said, "Hello, 180 years ago we were engaged to be married, but you died; now I want you back."

Ten years ago, haunted by thoughts of blood and love I drove away from what I thought was my home and never returned. Following the instructions of Bea, a girl I met in a dream, I travel to Brighton where I search for the dark-haired beauty who sits in the deepest recesses of my mind and as yet remains nameless.

Over the course of a few days I see hints of my former life as suitor to the most magnificent and dangerous person to have ever walked the Earth; a vampyre. Guided by Bea and her friends I unravel the secrets of my death nearly 180 years ago and ultimately to the fatal meeting with my former fiancé.

But will I make the right decision that gives us all eternal life…or are we, as humans, all doomed to die?