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Want some highly original, limited edition artwork on your wall?  Then look no further.  We are pleased to be able to offer some very special, high quality limited edition signed prints.

All of the images below are available in a range of sizes 

Most prints are bordered, with mounts - ready for framing to your own taste.

Some also available as triptychs and special edition quads - some and see what's available. 

Availability, Sizes & Prices

Most images are available as A4 matt prints (limited quantities of 20 - 25) in fixed black mounts of 14" x 12" in size

Other sizes available to special order. 

Contact us to check availability - or come in and see the images in our shop.

Beach 1_4
Beach 2_4
Beach 3_4
Beach 4_4



Driving Hazards

I'll Always Support You


Ghosts Of Minehead





Topsham Home

Up Down Left Right

Equine Dance Macabre 1_2
Equine Dance Macabre 2_2
Crossing Over2_1
Crossing Over 2_2

Eye Of The Problem

Look To The Future

World Of Lights 1_4
World Of Lights 2_4
World Of Lights 3_4
World Of Lights 4_4


Fine Wine

Dawlish Warren

Future Home

Dunster Garden

Stormy Newcastle




Which Witch Is Which

Protecting Arm
Sailing Alone 1_2

Sailing Alone 2_2

Castle Introvert
Ceiling Monster

Beach Techniker


Inside Elec 1_2
Inside Elec 2_2

Houses In The Clouds

Hunting On The Rocks

Pier Of Light

Prom Storm

Come On Down
Starlings Off The Pier 1_2
Starlings Of The Pier 2_2


Last One Standing

Pier 1_4
Pier 2_4
Pier 3_4
Pier 4_4


Strained Relations 1_2

Strained Relations 2_2 

Salt Floral

No Entry 

Faeries 1_3

Faeries 2_3

Faeries 3_3
Sandy Path
Time For Tea
Star Lit Path
The Corridor

Morecambe 1_2

Morecambe 2_2

Not There
Open For You
Beer Tractor

A Crow By Music Light

Abandoned Stairs

Space Robots 1_2
Space Robots 2_2

A light, or more, to guide me...

Mirroring the Future

Reflecting Upon the Past