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Dark tales of mystery and horror!

If you like your books and poems with a darkly (in)human touch, tales of lost seaside memories, people and places with hidden histories and have a mind open to all possibilities then these are the books for you.

All of the books listed below are available in our shop, email us and buy a personally dedicated book to be sent to yourself or the one you love.

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The Velvet Marionette

Who's Pulling Thomasine's Strings?

Thomasine is in the summer of youth, fifteen and facing some major decisions.  College or work, boys or or death; if only she could find a way to release her potential.

Separated from her family her world dissolves into a surrealist dream as she comes under the influence of several mysterious ladies and discovers that the world is no longer a simple, three dimensional place.

From witnessing death at a party in the 1920s to fighting daemons in her bedroom, can she find a way to reconcile the conflict within?  Can Thomasine make the choices that will give her new life?

(Last few copies from the now out of print original 2006 print run)

ISBN 1-84375-241-1


Blood Berries and Dead Man's Hair

Starter, Main...Death!

Sowenna and Brengy Penhaligon are the proprietors of Roscarrock, a beautiful Art Deco restaurant huddled in a little bay somewhere between Polperro and Polruan; however 20 years ago they were very different people.

As the only survivors of a supernatural encounter the plans that once went so wrong are about to come to fruition.

Plots are being bought to the boil and heaven help any guests, foolish or unlucky enough to accept an invite to this very special Christmas dinner!

As Sowenna always says: "What is Christmas without the Children?"

ISBN 978-1-84549-226-7


Death or Immortality 

Strange, isn't it, how life is often more exciting than fiction.  One day life was predictable; the next, shadowy, yet beautiful figures began stalking my dreams.

Dark forces whose game I was compelled to play began guiding me through a roller coaster of bizarre and incomprehensible events to a conclusion I could never have envisaged.

Life and indeed death have never been the same since I met Cara, Bea and there friends.

ISBN 1-85756-554-1


Some Dreams of Youth 

Some Dreams of Youth is two stories in one book; the first being The Velvet Marionette.  Introducing Thomasine, a fifteen year old girl whose life takes a very strange turn, this first half of this book contains a slightly reworked version of my book that was originally published in 2006.  Introduced into her life are Cara and Bea, two extraordinary young ladies whose talents are something that Thomasine has only ever dreamed of before. 

The second half of this book is called Can't See Shadows, Lest they want to be Seen.  Set six months after Thomasine's original foray into the world of Vampyres and Daemons she finds herself drawn to a Christmas party being held on the outskirts of St Austell.  Every tribe of youth is gathering here to celebrate tonight, but who has drawn them here, what are their ungodly intentions for the young people gathering here?  Can Thomasine find the solution within herself and maybe some of those around her?

ISBN 978-1-84549-386-8


Tiny Light Certainties 

Curious tales of dreams and possibilities

A collection of the poetical works of Thomasine Westall.

Presented here for the first time this unique collection of poetry by The Velvet Marionette covers the last ten months of her 'life'.

As anyone who has ever been a teenage girl or boy can attest to, life and love rarely seem to travel a straight path; where would the fun be in that anyway? Thomasine's work, which is soulful and personal, yet openly approachable, brings with it a rare insight into a world we would hitherto be unprivileged to witness. 

Surreal and entertaining join Thomasine as she stumbles through her fifteenth year; from life unto death and on into a strange new world of opportunities. Inspiring and thought-provoking in equal measure, open your mind, heart and soul to writings of the Velvet Marionette and to all possibilities.

ISBN 978-1-84549-434-6