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Paperback Book ISBN 978 1845494346

74 Pages


Being for the Life of Dreams

The shopping centre was vast,

I was there in a small group with you.

Alleyway upon alleyway,

a thousand choices from which to make.

Bizarre, bazaar so many shops,

a glass-fronted showcase of which to browse.

But it's so warm and I was never so bored.

The manager came to talk,

bored again, so I went for a walk,

through shops of fine brass and downstairs.

A much larger sight met my eyes,

though that man was still with me,

to three girls he talked, so I left.

Across aisles of plain clothes,

what was I looking for he enquired?

I closed my eyes and found myself moved,

a club, a Cavern perhaps.

Dark walls everywhere, so smoky,

neon lights flashing above a distant bar,

black-clad women everywhere,

so full, little room to move or think; so don't.

A pipe and a drug, another mindless


wandering taking in views.

Everyone talking, but I cannot understand,

or speak.

Yet I'm happy and no threat do I feel.

Blown out of the dream,

before standing locked

outside in a square,

enclosed orange walls

and glass surrounding.

Deaf ears still with me,

you're face to face.

I have emerged from your eyes,

as you talk I cannot tell, but I want to

don't leave, stay,

make a difference.